Vision & Strategy


How we're delivering on our vision to empower our members to become leaders and shapers of business and finance around the world
Strategic initiatives
Maintaining pre-eminence, relevance and extending our influence are core to our organisational strategy  


•    Pre-eminence: maintaining the prestige of the Chartered Accountants designation
•    Relevance: Helping CA’s and the profession stay ahead in a changing world
•    Reach: extending our members’ influence

Preserving prestige

The Chartered Accountants designation is internationally recognised for its professionalism and quality. At the heart of this reputation is the training that goes into becoming a Chartered Accountant.
Training that is renowned for its rigour and quality, producing individuals known for their innovative thinking and superior analytical skills.
In addition, the code of ethics that CA’s adhere to is respected and valued by business leaders around the world.

Staying relevant

Staying ahead in a world of constant change is challenging for the profession. We support members by providing relevant lifelong learning to help them maintain their expertise.
Broadening our range of products and services to meet changing business and community needs is at the heart of our strategy.
As roles continue to become more specialised, new and existing products and services will be tailored to meet these needs.

We’re also increasing accessibility for members around the world.

Being influencers

Extending the influence of the profession and ensuring our members are heard is important.
*As an international organisation, we have a strong voice on issues relating to the profession and business community while upholding the public interest.

Strategic Leadership Team

The SLT set our strategic direction and help steer the organisation towards realising our long-term vision and goals

We operate under a best practice governance model overseen by a Council, Board of Directors and Strategic Leadership Team


The Institute is empowered to accredit the accounting,finance,economics, banking etc subject either as a course or as a subject in any institution of higher learning in Africa orglobally.

Any interested institution or individual should forward application with application fee of $300 U.S dollars for evaluation.

Payment of accreditation certificate shall apply if application is successful.


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