If you have completed the practical experience requirement, you can apply OIACA membership online by logging into our website.

To apply online you will need the following documentation:

  • Relevant Accounting Employment From
  • Mentors Interim Report (if applicable)
  • Professional Reference
  • Member Reference
  • Your Professional and Member references must be completed by two different people.
  • A copy of a legal document confirming your change of name, such as a marriage certificate or deed poll (if applicable).
    You must include a Criminal Conviction Information letter supplied by the Ministry of Justice. These can be obtained by requesting a Criminal Conviction History from the Ministry’s website. If you have lived in a country other than Namibia or South Africa for periods of 12 months or more during the last 10 years, you are required to obtain a police clearance certificate(s) from the country or countries you have lived. The certificate must be a scanned copy of the original that is dated within 6 months of your application. Each application will be considered on its merits and any details of any convictions will be kept confidential

Become a Africa and World Chartered Accountants

Expand your career options and develop highly valued business skills in brief

The OIACA designation is recognized globally across all major financial centres
Choose from one of three entry pathways to become a OIACA complete the OIACA Program, apply as a senior accounting academic or apply as a reciprocal member from a recognized overseas body.

Access a range of learning resources and exclusive member benefits along the way Shape you future.

In a world of constant change, the market needs business leaders who are trusted for their knowledge, professionalism and adaptability.
Chartered Accountants are sought after for their ability to lead businesses through complex issues and decision making; their analytical reasoning; their strong work ethic and professional integrity.

Becoming an OIACA will provide you with a platform that will assist you to develop your technical expertise in accounting, communicate technical knowledge and solve business challenges.

Membership can open up a wealth of opportunities, including access to international markets through our reciprocal arrangements with Global Accounting Alliance members.


The Institute is empowered to accredit the accounting,finance,economics, banking etc subject either as a course or as a subject in any institution of higher learning in Africa orglobally.

Any interested institution or individual should forward application with application fee of $300 U.S dollars for evaluation.

Payment of accreditation certificate shall apply if application is successful.


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