1.1    Admission of a member body or individual shall be at the discretion of Council. Council shall however be guided by the following considerations:

  1. The applicant shall be nominated by a member body;
  2. Where the applicant is nominated by a member body from another country, then the member body, if any, in the applicant’s country shall be consulted;
  3. The applicant shall be an organisation in good standing within the accountancy profession, recognized by law and general consensus within its country as being substantially national, provided it is not a governmental body;
  4. Submission of a duly completed application for membership which shall contain such information as may be determined by Council from time to time.

The application shall be supported by a member body. Where the application is supported by a member body from another country, then a member body, if any, in the applicant’s country shall be consulted.

1.2    Every member body shall be required to pay a registration fee for admission and annual subscriptions determined by the Council which shall become due on such date as prescribed in the Constitution.

1.3    Member bodies shall, three (3) months before the meeting of the General Assembly, communicate to the President/Chairman of Council names of their proposed representatives other than Council members, at the Assembly.

1.4    Membership shall be forfeited in one of the following cases:

  1. Non-payment of subscriptions and fees within six months after the same shall become due;
  2. Non-compliance with the Constitution and Bye-laws.


The Institute is empowered to accredit the accounting,finance,economics, banking etc subject either as a course or as a subject in any institution of higher learning in Africa orglobally.

Any interested institution or individual should forward application with application fee of $300 U.S dollars for evaluation.

Payment of accreditation certificate shall apply if application is successful.


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